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Younger basins and structures

The post-Triassic evolution of the region is marked by development of extensive, Jurassic-Cretaceous basins (eg., Surat; Clarence-Moreton; Maryborough Basins) across the Late Triassic extensional basins. One of these basins that impacts on the interpretation of structures seen within the fold belt is the Maryborough Basin which, unlike others of its age, is gently to moderately folded. This deformation, which is constrained stratigraphically as mid-Cretaceous or younger, is the only recognised post-Triassic contractional episode in the region. It is the most likely event in which much of the late regional faulting within the NNEFB formed. Effects of this deformation include small displacement reverse faults that cut the Mesozoic basin rocks throughout southern Queensland, and presumed coeval faults of similar geometry and kinematics within the fold belt.

Major faults, commonly with