Alumni Workshop MDC-MCM, Siem Reap, Cambodia,

6-8 September 2005

The first MDC Alumni Workshop took place in August 2002 in Ivory Coast, West Africa and was mainly attended by participants from French speaking countries. The MDC coordination team intends to organise its second Alumni Workshop in South East Asia for the Anglophone group.


We want to discuss with former participants how the MDC course should evolve to guarantee its relevance for disease control and reproductive health programme managers.

As specific objectives we retain:

  • to review the currently existing priorities in the work field of programme managers;

  • to assess the relevance of the current course content;

  • to suggest possible changes in the content and format of the course;

  • to provide alumni with technical input according to their specific needs;

  • to strengthen the network for mutual technical support amongst former participants and staff.



The workshop will take place from 06-08/9/2005 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


The meeting will be held in English.


All former MDC/MCM students are welcome including former MScBT students.

You can apply to participate in the Alumni Workshop by writing an abstract and filling out the joined questionnaire according to the instructions below.

A limited number of grants is available to finance participation in the meeting. Attribution of grants will be done on the basis of submitted abstracts. We intend to support the participation of alumni with a range of experiences from different regions.

Send your abstract together with the filled questionnaire to Yvette Baeten

before 1 March 2005


E-mail :


0032 3 247 63 33

Regular mail:

Yvette Baeten

Microbiology Secretariat

Institute of Tropical Medicine

Nationalestraat 155

2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Content of the abstract (max 500 words)

The agenda of the meeting will be prepared according to the needs expressed in the abstracts submitted for the workshop.

The abstract should deal with the problems, the challenges and the priorities in your current job and with the contributions and limitations of MDC/MCM to deal with them. You may develop what you feel important to share with the group of alumni and staff.

Focus of the presentations at the workshop

- What are the main problems/challenges you are dealing with in your current job?

- Was the MDC/ MCM course helpful to deal with these problems/challenges?

Explain how the MDC/MCM course did, or did not, help you to deal with these problems/challenges.

- Which additional skills or competencies do you think are needed to deal with these problems/challenges?

- According to your experience after the MDC, what would you recommend to be included or discarded in the curriculum?

- Any other comment or suggestions that could be helpful to improve MDC/MCM?