James Samuel Carroll


Vital Data:

Birth: Abt 1886 (Dec 1885 1900 cen?) Aspen, , Colorado, USA

Marriage: 12th or 15th Apr 1906, Aspen, , Colorado, USA

Death: 22nd or 23rd Sep 1928 Glenwood Springs, , Colorado, USA, buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Rifle, Garfield, Colorado, USA


  1. Unsure about his name

  2. Unsure of his birth date

  3. Unsure of his marriage date

Timeline and Sources:

1880 Census, (not born) 5

1890 Census destroyed 15

1900 HAVE 25

1910 hard to read but we have 35 (married by now, James Edward born 1907, so he is alive and 3)

1920 Census have 45 (married by now, JE should still be home, 13)

1930 Census dead, But Carrie May Reeves was alive… she remarried Henry Ziesiness in 1932, didn’t die until 1972… so would be in the 1940, 1950, 1960, and 1970 census’. But they are not yet available… check back in 2010… James Edward is now married in 1928. Jimmy Lee Carroll should be there, he was born in 1929, in Colorado, so JE is in Colorado now.

  1. other census' Which we don’t need:
    1880 Cen... he wasn't born
    1890 Cen burned.
    1930 He was dead

  2. Check Colorado census’s

Obituary, page 4 of the Thursday, September 27, 1928 edition of the Rifle Telegram. Jim believes that there should have been an obit in the Aspen Times as well, but we have yet to find it.


  1. it is unclear whether his name was James Samuel Carroll, or Samuel James Carroll

  2. Samuel James Carroll:

    1. The obituary gives his name this way.
    2. Jim’s notes claim that his birth certificate shows his name as Samuel James Carroll, but we don’t currently have a copy of this birth certificate.

    3. 1910 Fed Census gives his name as Samuel J.

    4. 1920 Fed Census gives his name as Samuel J.

  3. James Samuel Carroll

    1. His grave stone just lists his name as James Carroll

    2. 1900 Census gives his name as James.

  4. The preponderance of data seems to indicate that his name was Samuel James Carroll, but the use of “James Carroll” on his gravestone would at least indicate that he was called “James.” So he most likely was Samuel James, but went by his middle name.

The Birth Date Question:

  1. Possibilities are 1885,1886, and 1887

  2. Evidence:

    1. Gravestone: 1886-1928, gives no month or day

    2. Unsurprisingly, obituary agrees with 1886 date, but would likely have been written by same person who selected date on the gravestone.

    3. Jim’s Gedcom says he was born Mar 1887:

      1. Conversation with dad (Jim), he thinks that the “gedcom” date may have come from aunt Vee, and may be incorrect. But Jim’s notes also claim that at one time he saw a birth certificate, but aren’t clear that the info came from there, but this data could have come from the birth certificate, in which case, it would be more reliable than the gravestone and obituary, but we would need to find this birth certificate, because we no longer have a copy.

    4. 1900 Fed Census says he was born in Dec 1885!

    5. 1910 c was 24 years old leading to 1886-1885           if he was born in 1885->24-25, if 1886-> 23-24, 1887->22-23 this data could support either the 1900 census date OR the gravestone date.

    6. 1920 c was 33 years old leading to 1887-1886           if he was born in 1885->34-35, if he was born in 1886->33-34, if he was born in 1887->32-33, supports either gravestone date or gedcom date.

  3. Notes:
    1. Martha Peters family bible has a marriage date, for Samuel, but no birth date.

  4. Which leads to nothing more than more confusion. It seems to me that
    the ages can't both be right in the 1910 and 1920 census', I am inclined to believe the gravestone, but that gives no month, and actually could have been incorrect.

  5. Conclusion

    1. Must find birth certificate if possible.

Marriage date question:

  1. There are two marriage dates that float around:

    1. 12th of April

      1. Martha Peters family Bible has this marriage date for Samuel.

    2. 15th of April

      1. family search has this date

      2. Carrie May Reeves’ Obituary gives this date for their marriage.

Death date:

  1. September 22nd 1928

    1. James Samuel’s Obituary claims 22nd.

    2. Vee claims he died on September 22nd 1928

      1. but no reason given

  2. September 23rd 1928

    1. Jim has September 23rd 1928.

      1. no reason given

  3. Other sources

    1. Carrie May Reeves Obituary claims he died in the fall of 1928.

    2. Martha Peters family Bible has no date for Samuel’s death.

  4. no death certificate found yet.


  1. Find birth certificate if we can

  2. Check to see if he is a freemason (his wife was in the eastern star according to her obituary, and his son James Edward was a freemason according to Jim Carroll

    1. If he is a freemason, contact the lodge he attended and find out what records they have.

  3. Find Marriage Certificate.
  4. Check Colorado Census’s

  5. Talk to Colorado people who may have known him before they die.

  6. Find death certificate if we can